These 3rd and 4th students from the Ryerson School of Interior Design are the faces behind the 2021 Year End Show: Re-Vision, which exhibits a diverse range of student projects and ideas.
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Take Action, Demand Justice

A movement, not a moment

Not a melting pot, but a beautiful mosaic

Learn, speak-up, do better

We are the future

You control who you become

Our voice is our power

Speak up

Revolution starts with you

Adversity cannot hold me back

Conscious, not Compulsive

Build movements, not moments

Silence is violence

Be kind

Change the world by being yourself.

With your hand in my hand, we will stand

To learn, embrace, and challenge

Together and united, we are unstoppable

Unearned privilege is society's pandemic

Embrace Diversity, Provoke A Change

Listen, Speak, Act

Delayed justice is injustice

Listen without prejudice

Women's rights are human rights