this year we would like to showcase the ways in which rsid students have adapted/modified/organized their immediate workspace in the form of a time-lapse video. the video is intended to broadcast how students interact with their space over a span of time. make these videos your own and be as creative as you would like.
The minimum requirements of the video:

‣ The video must be filmed in a horizontal orientation.
‣ The video must read clearly and be visible. Avoid overcrowding of objects in the foreground.
‣ The video must be a TIMELAPSE. It should be collected either over a period of time, or a single day, your choice.
‣ The video is maximum 1 minute long and the file size must be no larger than 5 MG.

These will be short clips that will be collected starting in November 2020 and presented at the 2021 Year End Show. This is a wonderful opportunity of expanding your talent within the YES network and have your work showcased!

Remember - The video must showcase the student working within their workspace.
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