Table Talk: Women Entrepreneurship

Thinking of opening your own business or firm? Learn about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship by attending this round table talk discussion with leading women founders who did just that! Contributing to the conversation will be Daej Hamilton of Daej Designs (Toronto), Fan Zhang of AwAwDe (Toronto), Lucía Soto and Andrea Flores of Comite de proyectos (Mexico City), Corinne Huard of Joven Huard (Toronto) and Kimberley Green and Lisa Di Carlo of Maison Naibu (Toronto). Moderated by Linda Zhang of Studio Pararaum (Zürich & Toronto).
  • Panelists:
    Daej Hamilton (Daej Designs), Fan Zhang (AwAwDe), Lucía Soto (Comite de proyectos), Andrea Flores (Comite de proyectos), Kimberley Green (Maison Naibu), Lisa Di Carlo (Maison Naibu), Corinne Huard (Joven Huard) & Linda Zhang (Studio Pararaum)