Kiran Qureishi

Parti Model

Didden Village is well known for the rooftop houses that were added to its pre-existing building (O’Grady). To achieve the parti concept, I retreated back to the design process of the rooftop. As MVRDV used foam to create preliminary models, I wanted to emphasize the malleability of the rooftop houses by highlighting their adaptability of being added on as an “after thought” (Colonnese). Thus, I considered foam as the material for the rooftop. By exploring EPS foam, sponges as well as dry foam, I realized dry foam was a moldable material, embodying the adaptability of the rooftop houses. The base building is acrylic glass to contrast the publicity and stability of the rooftop.

  1. Design Dynamics Studio III
    IRD 300
    Andrew Furman
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