by MnM
Margarita Yushina, Minju Lee, Tatyana Kolova

Scope of installation

Throughout design history, technology has played a significant role in shaping the spaces we live in. The emergence of new technologies has led to new materials and new trends that have significantly altered the aesthetic, function, and materials of interior spaces. Technological advancements have pushed production away from natural materials and handmade processes towards the use of manmade, mass produced materials through automated processes. This shift has made us aware of how we use the earth’s resources and challenge our views on sustainability. NEOLOGISMS presents a new and re-imagined narrative on the three dynamic time periods in the history of design using today’s technologies and materials.

V I C T O R I A N  E R A

Margarita Yushina

While getting her Interior Design degree at Ryerson University, Margarita had a chance to work on multiple projects and installations. She has participated in designing and building an installation booth for DesignMilk at the IDS (Interior Design Show) Toronto 2019, interned at AXIA Design Associates, and was a part of a collaboration project with Cirque du Soleil that was focusing on implementing KUKA robotic arms into Cirque’s performances. Currently, she is working on the reimagining ChinaTOwn project under the supervision of Linda Zhang. Margarita also studied in RMIT, Melbourne during her exchange semester. She currently strives to create better spaces and is interested in pursuing a set design career after graduation.

Minju Lee

In 2019, Minju worked for Century 21’s Heart and Hustle - Real Estate Group, as a graphic designer. Inspired by the renovation and new home designs she was working with every day, Minju decided that Interior Design was a better career path for her. In pursuing this dream, she started a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design in 2020 at Ryerson University. Minju’s love for Interior Design comes from her hope that one day she will be able to change people’s lives for the better through designing the spaces they occupy.

Tatyana Kolova

Tatyana graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK with a degree in Interior Design and has completed a semester at Ryerson University, Toronto as an exchange student. Tatyana is currently working on Architecture and Interior Design projects as a freelancer. Her approach as a designer is centered around her belief that the key to successful design is the interaction between the people and the space, focusing foremost on the people.