by Flo
Aamenah Ahmed, Zeina Aly

Scope of installation

In an attempt to escape the ressures of technology in the creative process, this installation explores and reconciles the relationship between the digital and the physical.

Contemporary design culture considers hand drawing outdated and encourages designers to explore digital softwares that produce hyper-realistic renders, thus, creating an increasing negligence for hand drawings and model making as a tool for visual communication. In doing so we lose the physical, emotional and mental connection or visual interplay that is inherent within tactile means of representation.

This installation brings the digital into the tangible realm by using textiles to manipulate the immaterial digital projections. This duality is further enhanced by the dichromatic colour scheme of the projections.

Animations by Noura Zekry

Aamenah Ahmed

Aamenah is a Toronto based designer, currently in her 3rd year at the Ryerson School of Interior Design where she is constantly learning, exploring different mediums, and honing her skills as a creative in the industry. Aamenah is inspired by nature and applies its lessons in her designs to increase wellbeing and reconnect communities to their natural environment. She hopes to design inclusive and sustainable spaces that maximize the human sensory experience. Some of her interests include drawing, painting, sculpting and graphic design. Her goal after graduating is to become a set designer where she can  breathe life into stories through her art.

Zeina Aly

Zeina is a third year student at RSID and an aspiring interior designer with a vision to create spaces that provoke introspective thought. She is particularly interested in how space design can alter one's mood, enhance imagination, or impact wellbeing. For this reason, she enjoys experimenting with bold colours and curvilinear, biomorphic forms. During her free time, Zeina enjoys painting and digital collage-making. She is currently looking into expanding her modeling software knowledge by learning animation programs such as Cinema 4D.