Dual tone

by Double A's
Amber Wei, Aditi Thakker

Scope of installation

With the rise of global warming and its immediate threat on society, snow clad mountains and glaciers are inevitably disappearing. Further, the increase of media attention regarding climate change has pushed artist to redesign symbolic art that is more persuasive and influence people.

Locked reflects the rapid melting of Perderson, Alaska, while speaking toward a larger narrative about global warming. Using Blender, we developed two mountainous terrains, an earthen and snowy landscape. Additionally, locked utilizes using an outline sketch of our proposed portal design. The two dimensional collaged scenes contrast the different conditions of our historical and current worlds, implying a broader discussion about our position in the global warming crisis.

Amber wei

Amber has previous experience in digital modelling, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and social impact. Currently in first year, studying at the Ryerson School of Interior Design, she is interested in creating insightful art with deeper meanings rooted within a narrative. Alongside her passion for architecture, she is fascinated with sci-fi art because it proves human imagination knows no bounds, which inspired her to be an avant-garde artist. She strives to experiment new methods of art that are thought-provoking, and evoke positive social and environmental change.

Aditi Thakker

Aditi is a first year student at the Ryerson School of Interior Design. She values change, efficiency, simplicity, balance, and sustainability communicated through vivid visual representations, while expressing an idea of deeper thought or awareness that allows viewers to connect with larger schemes and each other. She is inspired by the subjectivity of art, and is passionate about exploring the concept of surrealism. Aditi’s current work explores these ideas in different ways, and as a first year student, she is experienced in different types of programs such as Autocad, Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Rhino 3D, Blender, etc. Towards the future, she hopes to participate in many similar projects to gain more knowledge and experience in design.