Ugochinyere Megwa

Lightways - 132 Harbord St.

Introducing Lightways, located at 132 Harbord St. is a mix-use commercial/residential space for Akin Collective. The intent of this piece is to design a space of flexibility, ventilation, private and communal spaces for gathering and various kinds of lighting with high ceilings for the art community and non artist in the Toronto GTA. Using the existing building as a start base to Extrude, Shift and Unite together was brought into the exterior as well as interior.  The wooden slat exterior element of the building plays a strong role in lighting as natural light is able to be shown and cast interesting shadows around the spaces on all floors for the artist and non artist to feel inspired and relaxed when working. Kalwall is introduced into this project when it comes to private and public spaces. Being placed on various wings of the building such as; the ground floor studio space and second floor gallery gives the artists a sense of privacy but ventilation at the same time as the material seeps in natural light. Adding character to the façade & an intriguing mystery to the eye at first sight to want to come in the space & experience what it holds.

  1. Interior Design Studio V
    IRN 501
    Nadia Cannatro
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