Thuc Tam Bui


Addressing the “Missing Middle”  Through “OUTREACH”

A mix-use space for Unity Charity that addresses the missing middle aspect of Toronto to house the users of the space.  A place for Unity Charity, and the genre of Hip-Hop to reach underprivileged youths in the community in need of an outlet to express themselves and improve mental health.

This place situated on 596 Ossington Avenue aims to use surrounding conditions to evoke the aspect of Hip-Hop into the spaces. The design of the spaces considers the inclusiveness of all users while integrating moments of connectivity of the site and the interior. By mimicking the city’s context into these spaces, it supports the idea of multiple forms of Hip-Hop throughout the building. Gestures of graffiti is celebrated throughout the surfaces of the spaces to be showcased to users and pedestrians as an art form rather than vandalism it can be associated with. The goal of OUTREACH is to use the “outside” factors to influence what is in reach within the interior. This would allow for different Hip-Hop forms to be expressed, showcased and thrive within the spaces.

This space features areas where pedestrians can view into areas at different levels and angles. Areas where it is visible to the public promotes the feeling of a community as it showcases the various talents of youths with the space. The project informs the ability to use the surfaces to enhance the opportunities to view the aspect of Hip-Hop that surrounds them.

  1. Interior Design Studio V
    IRN 501
    Kfir Gluzberg
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