Shuning Xie

Book City

Books contain the whole life…… -- Balzac

A person's life is like a tree, from buried in the soil to schengen sprout. And we put it all in the book, stroke by stroke. And I want to dedicate this work to my father.

Trees grow in the soil, take root and sprout, and then flourish, such a life is like a person's life, from birth to old, we are rooted in a word. Trees bury their roots in the land, and our roots grow into every book, every word, every symbol, and every image, is our epitome. Therefore, in this design, I take the growth of trees as the core of the design concept. Select a large curved shape to show the abstract shape of the tree as a whole.

  1. Interior Design Studio III
    IRN 301
    Adam Kolodziej
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