Shuning Xie

Detail Model

Detail Model of The Nora House designed by the WOW architect, dating ca.2008, located in Japan. I chose the entrance of the building as the key point. In this way, this details can be displayed to emphasize the contrast of indoor and outdoor materials and sizes. This position shows the interest in the intersection of material and space, so it is suitable for comparative analysis as a detailed model. In this space, the area I chose bears the function of transition and circulation between interior and exterior. In this case, the team of designers used different materials (wooden floor and concrete slab) to divide the indoor and outdoor environment, so that there is a clear division between indoor and outdoor, but at the same time, the continuous use of the same wooden beam structure in the indoor and outdoor, emphasizing the integrity and continuity of the whole space. So these two parts are also my key consideration in making the model. In addition, this area also emphasizes the interaction between indoor and outdoor.

  1. Design Dynamics Studio III
    IRD 300
    Christine Leu
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