Elham Morashedi


Using the KUKA 150 industrial robotic arm and custom end of arm tooling, this project is explores printing a complex and angular 2D pattern in 3D form. Within this project, the KUKA robot will print an object with complicated and sharp edges by layering the extruded surfaces. The final interior object created will consist of a coffee table. The exploration will be done through the study of Islamic geometric forms, Muqarnas. The three-dimensional decorative form is used widely in Islamic architecture, in which tiers of individual elements, including niche-like cells, brackets, and pendants, are projected over those below. In this project, By having different numbers in the Islamic pattern, we produce a series of alternative patterns. By Triangulating the forms on top of each other we would have surfaces that are printable by KUKA.

  1. Interior Design VIII
    IRN 800
    Jonathon Anderson
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