Dayan Afshari


This exhibit, designed in memory of Gianni Versace, is inspired by the concept and articulation of labyrinthian design. The space creates a compelling maze that serves to showcase the eclectic and lively collections created by Versace throughout the past fifty years whilst emerging users within a six planed labyrinth dimension. The illusionary element of reflection is used in order to strip visitors away from their understanding of way finding, and further away from their preconceived notions of gallery etiquette.

Versace's exhibit allows guests to experiences various modes of interaction. The further you explore form the centre of the room, the gaps in between the partitions become smaller and tighter. The placement of all pieces have been meticulously thought out, hence viewers are forced to engage with the complexity of the labyrinth in order to get a holistic understanding of the exhibit.

  1. Interior Design VIII
    IRN 800
    Brigitte Luzar
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