Alexandra Yakubova

The Emotionarium

External circumstances and our natural responses to them in the shape of different empotions are represented by the flying vaults hovering above the island. Vaultts that bring storms alternate with the ones that bring sunshine. They switch just like theatre sets and decorations.

The Emotionarium offers a variety of emotions - happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger.. There are good days and bad days that evoke different feelings and cause us to believe certain things, believe what can happen and what cannot. This place gives us a different perspective on life, an opportunity to look at it in a time-lapse manner reminding us that nothing is set in stone.

Everything flows and changes and while life's "sets" change we should aim to stay true to ourselves and keep returning to our internal emotive space - the heart space.

  1. Interior Design VIII
    IRN 800
    Adam Kolodziej
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