Installation Night

New Narratives:
The design industry is facing unprecedented times with the emergence of digital technologies,   changes   in   the   social   landscape,   and   the   advent   of   new   environmental perspectives. These elements serve as the backdrop for this theme and encourages design groups to explore new narratives in design. The following installations should focus on innovations which renew existing design paradigms and propose  an  alternate  future.

For each theme, there was one group selected to move forward from each of the two categories; 2D Experiential Projection and 3D Experiential Space.

2D Experiential Projection, is a remote installation. This would be executed  as  a  digital  graphic  narrative  to  be presented    virtually    through    video,    motion    graphics, or other digital platforms/methods.

3D Experiential Space, is a  potential  build  that  is  to  be executed  by  groups  as  a  virtual  model  experience  with supplementary  images  and  scale  models  as part of their overall documentation.

Installation Night was an opportunity for group contestants to receive feedback, critiques, and ways to improve their projects and ideas for the Year End Show. The three themes for this year's Installations are as follows:

Urban Fabric:
Every successful work in design or the built environment traces itself to a past moment,  movement  or  technique. These  installations  pay  homage  to  those  origins, recalling the authenticity, vibrancy, and urban spirit of past decades such as the 1990s, to create a design that renews our contextual fabric. Design groups  are  encouraged  to highlight  the  relationship  between  human  and  space -  urban  fabric  and  design.

Dual Tone:
Dual  Tone  refers  to  interstitial  space  between  past  and future,  the  boundary  between  structure  and  organic,  or the  line  between  art  and  philosophy.  This  theme encapsulates the binary quality of design and its ability to spark both a sensory  and  cognitive  thought.  Designers  are urged  to  focus  on  the  colorful  history of design and explore its political, social and economic affiliations.


3D Groups:
Alchemy: Gabrielle Leighton & Eira Roberts
PassionFruit: Maha Asif, Gabriella D'Emilio, Aarthi Nathan & Ajanthaa Nirmalanantheswaran

2D Groups:
ST. and Co.: Mannat Multani, Shirelle Belmont & Victoria Nip
KMA Designs: Kristen Policano, Matthew Bianchi & Alexis Gawlina

A special thanks to our guest panelists: Kaashif Furquan, Ella Gao, & Eric Truong


3D Group:
Flo: Aamenah Ahmed & Zeina Aly

2D Group:
Double A's: Aditi Thakker & Amber Wei

A special thanks to our guest panelists: Sonali Kallianpur, Erica Wolfe & Lukus Toane


3D Groups:
for.m.atter: Sabrina Thomason & Georgia Barrington
STUDIO.2: Yihanna Sun & Paul Lee

2D Groups:
RE.: Rebecca Lee
MnM: Rita Yushina & Claire Lee

A special thanks to our guest panelists: Swetha Srikanth, Rudra Chauhan & Adam Kolodziej